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French Club Play

French Club Play

We are proud to announce the staging of the UWA French Play, Eugène Ionesco’s Rhinocéros, in August 2008.

A sleepy Sunday afternoon in a non-descript French village. Two old friends drinking at a café. A rampaging rhinoceros. If you saw the Rhino what would you say? Would you maintain your integrity when your friends and colleagues join the herd? And most importantly is the Rhinoceros African or Asian, one or two-horned?

Wednesday 20 August to Saturday 23 August, 7 pm
Dolphin Theatre, UWA
► Tickets: $12 general admission, $10 (UWA Guild and Alliance Française Members), $9 UWA French Club members
► For bookings contact Kevin Wilson at or purchase tickets at the Alliance Française

Le club français de UWA est fier de vous présenter
Rhinocéros de Eugène Ionesco, un drame absurde en trois actes. Ne manquez pas ce grand spectacle!

Although it doesn't say so on the information flyer, the main star of this play, Ilario Colli, also composed the music for the play. I've been working with him for the past few weeks. He's asked me to conduct the music he wrote as well as record it. It's been an extremely interesting experience, watching myself turning from conductor to recording engineer. I hope I will enjoy the end result. I will be watching the play later today and performing the music in a concert on Friday.