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DMA Recital: YouTube and the programme

By chance, I managed to get a copy of the video of my DMA recital. In Australia, out of four examiners, three are required to be external (and presumably experts in the field). The one internal examiner is required to belong to another department within the music faculty, i.e. someone who is not in my department, but a doctor in a different area of music. For that reason, the examination is recorded and sent to the external examiners so that they can examine my thesis accompanied by some nice background music. :)

After watching the video, I felt that it was such a shame that no one would probably ever listen to this again, especially since so many of the pieces are so obscure. Yet many of these pieces are extremely important in understanding the viol tradition in France. Unlike a musicologist, who is able to publish parts of his doctoral thesis in a journal after his studies, a performer does not usually have the opportunity to release his recital as a recording. Thanks to the Internet and YouTube, I am able to do this. I hope people who watch this video will be inspired to find out more about this wonderful repertoire. For posterity, the entire programme will be uploaded track by track to YouTube at


Nicolas Hotman          Selected pièces from manuscript
(d. 1663)                     Warsaw: Biblioteka Warszawskiego Towarzystwa Muzycnego,
PL-Wtm, R. 221 In. 377
                                                Courante – Variation 1 – Variation 2
                                                Sarabande – Variation

Antoine Forqueray     Première suite from Pièces de viole (Paris, 1747)
(1671–1745)                           Allemande La La Borde
                                                La Forqueray
                                                La Couperin
Sainte Colombe           Excerpts from manuscript Concerts à deux violes égales
(d. by 1701)                Paris: Bibliothèque Nationale, Ms Rés. 866.
                                                Tombeau Les regrets
                                                Le retour
Marin Marais              Suite in D major from Pièces de viole (Paris, 1686)
(1656–1728)                           Prélude
                                                Allemande – Double