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St Matthew Passion

All Saints' at East St Kilda

I have been extremely lucky to have a St Matthew Passion to perform this year. This time it is with the Melbourne Bach Choir with Rick Prakhoff in Melbourne, Victoria, a state that I have never performed in before. Other than singer-soloists Andrew Collis and Sally Anne Russell, I do not recognise any of the other faces. Unlike last year's performance, which was a staged opera, this year's is a more traditional affair held in one of Victoria's oldest churches, All Saints' at East St Kilda. The acoustics are just about right, even though the church is carpeted throughout. The use of organ and harpsichord for continuo is a nice touch, which makes for a different colour between the two orchestras that Bach writes for. Although the orchestras are made up of modern instruments, historical performance practices are dutifully observed. It is amazing that there is such an awareness amongst mainstream classical musicians in Australia.

Today we will have our second rehearsal for part two of the work, giving me a chance to rehearse my two solos with the tenor and bass soloists. Also looking forward to hearing the violin solos.

After this passion, I dive right away into St John for another performance in Sydney. A very lucky year indeed!