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The Saizenay Manuscript Project

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What is the Saizenay Manuscript?
The 'Vaudry de Saizenay' Manuscript is an important musical source that contains music for French Baroque lute and theorbo by many of periods most cherished composers, such as De Visée, Hotman, Hurel, Gallot, Gaultier, etc. The manuscript was compiled sometime in the late seventeenth century by the amateur musician and politician Jean-Etienne Vaudry (1668–1742), the 'seigneur' of Saizenay, Conseiller au Parlement de Besançon.

What is the project about?
It is a personal project to record, for YouTube, all the music that is contained in the manuscript. As my abilities in producing videos and my skill as a lutenist improves, I hope to produce different versions of videos, hence the reason for multiple versions of some of the music.

What has been recorded?
Below you will find a list of pieces, according to page number, as they appear in the manuscript. Titles of the music are expressed sic erat scriptum and any additional information, which may help the modern listener, is included in parentheses.

Who made your instrument?
My theorbo, which is an attempted reconstruction of a French theorbo, was made by Jason Petty in 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand. It has a string length of 84/150cm with 6/8 disposition.

Why have you not made any new videos in some time?
Apologies! This is usually because I am busy with teaching and performing (a good thing for a professional musician!) and/or my personal life. Not to worry, I am always working on the next piece.

How can I support your work?
Please click on the 'Donate' button below to support my project. Any amount received is greatly appreciated.

List of Pieces

60, L'Amant Malheureux, Allemande du V. Gallot

229, Passacaille (de Mr. de Visée in D minor)

256, Prélude de Mr. de Visée (in A minor)

258, Chaconne de Mr. de Visée (in A minor)

285, Courante de Mr. de Visée (in G major)

287, Sarabande de Mr. Le Moyne (in G major)

290, Allemande de Mr. de Visée (in G major)

291, Prélude du mesme (De Visée in G major)

296–298, Les Sylvains de Mr. (François, Le Grand) Couperin, par Mr. de Visée (in G major)

343, Sarabande de Mr. de Visée (in D major)

346, Logistille par Mr. de Visée (in D major; tempo indication Lentement; also known as 'Symphonie' from Jean Baptiste Lully's opera Roland)

401, La Plainte, ou Tombeau de Mesdemoiselles de Visée, Allemande de Mr. leur Pere (in C minor)

408, Prélude du même (De Visée in C minor)

Update Log

Uploaded 229, Passacaille in D minor
Recorded with Rode condenser mic

Uploaded 343, Sarabande in D major
Added title introduction to videos
Sound recorded with external directional microphone

Started the Saizenay Manuscript Project
Published this blog page