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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Performing Diary

Here you will find a list of my upcoming concerts. For more information on concerts, please contact the organisers directly.

If you would like engage me to perform, feel free to send me an email.


'Young Handel' with Thoroughbass
  • Saturday 11 March 2017 at The Rose Room,  51F Sunninghill Ave, Burradoo, 4pm
  • Sunday 26 March 2017 at The Independent Theatre, Miller St, North Sydney, 3.30pm

Twilight Concert with Consort 8
  • Saturday 1 April 2017 at St Paul's Anglican Church, 205-207 Burwood Rd, Burwood, 6pm

  • Saturday 17 June at Mosman Art Gallery, Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road, Mosman, 3pm

Twilight Concert with Consort 8
  • Saturday 5 August 2017 at St Paul's Anglican Church, 205-207 Burwood Rd, Burwood, 6pm 

'Fandango' with Thoroughbass
  • Sunday 24 September 2017 at The Independent Theatre, Miller St, North Sydney, 3.30pm

Sydney Consort
  • Friday 10 November 2017 at St Augustine's Catholic Church, 3 Jane Street, Balmain, 8pm
  • Sunday 12 November 2017 at Wesley Music Centre, 20 National Circuit, Forrest, 3pm

Twilight Concert with Consort 8
  • Saturday 2 December 2017 at St Paul's Anglican Church, 205-207 Burwood Rd, Burwood, 6pm

  • Sunday 17 December 2017 at The Independent Theatre, Miller St, North Sydney, 3.30pm


'Bach's St Matthew Passion' with Newcastle University Choir
  • Sunday 20 March 2016 at The Great Hall, Great Hall, University of Newcastle, Callaghan, 2pm 

'O for an Oboe' with Thoroughbass
  • Saturday 14 May 2016 at The Rose Room, 51F Sunninghill Ave, Burradoo, 4pm
  • Sunday 15 May at St Luke's Church, Ourimbah Rd, Mosman, 3pm

  • Saturday, 4 June 2016  at the Blue Mountains Theatre, Springwood, 8pm

'TBA' with Consort 8 
  • Sunday 12 June 2016 at TBA
  • Sunday 14 August 2016 at TBA
  • Sunday 30 October 2016 at TBA

  • Sunday July 24 2016 at Australian National Library, Canberra, TBA
  • Saturday 12 Nov 2016 at The Rose Room, 51F Sunninghill Ave, Burradoo, 4pm
  • Sunday Nov 20 2016 at Gleebooks, Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, 3pm
  • Sunday Nov 27 2016 at Mosman Art Gallery, Mosman, 3pm

  • Friday 4 November 2016 at St Augustine’s Catholic Church, Eaton Street, Balmain, 8pm
  • Sunday, 6 November 2016 at Wesley Music Centre, 20 National Circuit, Forrest, 3pm


'Of Mystics and Mortals' with Hester Wright (soprano) and Joanna Tondys (harpsichord)
  • Sunday 22 March 2015 at Sydney University Women's College, Newtown, 3pm

'Binchois and Beyond' with Consort 8 
  • Saturday 9th May 2015 at Santa Sabina Chapel, Strathfield, 5.30pm 

'The Viole Bastarda' with Thoroughbass
  • Saturday 8th August 2015 at the Rose Room, Burradoo, 4pm
  • Sunday 9th August 2015 at St Luke's Anglican Church, Mosman, 3pm

'The Viol Serenity' with The Sydney Consort
  • Friday 13th November at St Augustine’s Catholic Church, Balmain, 8pm
  • Sunday 15th November at Wesley Uniting Church, Canberra, 3pm


Bowral Autumn Music Festival with the Australian Historical Performance Initiative, Bowral
  • Concert II: Friday 28th March 2014, 7.30pm
  • Concert IV: Saturday 29th March 2014, 5.30pm
  • Concert V: Sunday 30th March 2014, 2pm

J S Bach's St Matthew Passion with the Melbourne Bach Choir, Melbourne
  • Saturday 5th April 2014, 7pm
  • Sunday 6th April 2014, 2.30pm

JS Bach's St John Passion at St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney
  • Monday 14 April 2014, 7pm

  • Friday 23 May 2013, 8pm (Sydney)
  • Sunday 25 May 2013, 7pm (Canberra)

'Torment' with Thoroughbass Ensemble, Sydney
  • Friday 22 August, 8pm

  • Friday 12 September, 7pm

  • Sunday 16 November, 8pm

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Saizenay Manuscript Project

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The latest video

What is the Saizenay Manuscript?
The 'Vaudry de Saizenay' Manuscript is an important musical source that contains music for French Baroque lute and theorbo by many of periods most cherished composers, such as De Visée, Hotman, Hurel, Gallot, Gaultier, etc. The manuscript was compiled sometime in the late seventeenth century by the amateur musician and politician Jean-Etienne Vaudry (1668–1742), the 'seigneur' of Saizenay, Conseiller au Parlement de Besançon.

What is the project about?
It is a personal project to record, for YouTube, all the music that is contained in the manuscript. As my abilities in producing videos and my skill as a lutenist improves, I hope to produce different versions of videos, hence the reason for multiple versions of some of the music.

What has been recorded?
Below you will find a list of pieces, according to page number, as they appear in the manuscript. Titles of the music are expressed sic erat scriptum and any additional information, which may help the modern listener, is included in parentheses.

Who made your instrument?
My theorbo, which is an attempted reconstruction of a French theorbo, was made by Jason Petty in 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand. It has a string length of 84/150cm with 6/8 disposition.

Why have you not made any new videos in some time?
Apologies! This is usually because I am busy with teaching and performing (a good thing for a professional musician!) and/or my personal life. Not to worry, I am always working on the next piece.

How can I support your work?
Please click on the 'Donate' button below to support my project. Any amount received is greatly appreciated.

List of Pieces

60, L'Amant Malheureux, Allemande du V. Gallot

229, Passacaille (de Mr. de Visée in D minor)

256, Prélude de Mr. de Visée (in A minor)

258, Chaconne de Mr. de Visée (in A minor)

285, Courante de Mr. de Visée (in G major)

287, Sarabande de Mr. Le Moyne (in G major)

290, Allemande de Mr. de Visée (in G major)

291, Prélude du mesme (De Visée in G major)

296–298, Les Sylvains de Mr. (François, Le Grand) Couperin, par Mr. de Visée (in G major)

343, Sarabande de Mr. de Visée (in D major)

346, Logistille par Mr. de Visée (in D major; tempo indication Lentement; also known as 'Symphonie' from Jean Baptiste Lully's opera Roland)

401, La Plainte, ou Tombeau de Mesdemoiselles de Visée, Allemande de Mr. leur Pere (in C minor)

408, Prélude du même (De Visée in C minor)

Update Log

Uploaded 229, Passacaille in D minor
Recorded with Rode condenser mic

Uploaded 343, Sarabande in D major
Added title introduction to videos
Sound recorded with external directional microphone

Started the Saizenay Manuscript Project
Published this blog page

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Cock Crow: Rosemary Dobson in Words and Music Review

Review by John Pollak from the Sydney Arts Guide.

'Shaun Ng displayed a mastery of both instruments.'

Have you ever considered the fate of the humble childhood toy  “Jack in the box”  ?

Well, Rosemary Dobson has:

“He crouches low and supplicant/His elbows knocking on the wood…/He waits the tapping at the locks/He hears the children calling”Jack!”…/They think he sleeps, but how he weeps/His small tears falling with no sound……”

Rosemary Dobson was a distinguished and prolific Australian poet who died in 2012 at the age of 92. Her poetry is somewhat more intellectual and detached rather than visceral…but nevertheless she still writes movingly of the human experience.

COCK CROW puts a handful of her poems in a musical context. Leonie Cambage is the poet’s voice (she trained as an opera singer), Shaun Ng plays Lute, Viola da Gamba and Theorbo, and Diana Weston plays Harpsichord.

The concert took place in a delightful setting, the Mosman Art Gallery, where its exposed red brickwork and stained glass windows gave the performance a fine acoustic edge and an ambiance quite suited to the poetry. The music was a comment and reinforcement of the poetry.

This was no ordinary artistic performance. Their dedication of the performers to the work and to their fellow artists created a rare intimacy. We all listened, hushed in silence and concentration, to this unique event. If you like poetry, and you like music and you want to hear more of Rosemary Dobson’s poems listen to this talented group of musicians when you get a chance.

Leonie Cambage gave a clear polished faultless recitation of the poetry. Shaun Ng displayed a mastery of both instruments. He is a Doctor of Musical Arts from Sydney University. Diana Weston’s playing demonstrated why her reputation for mastery of the harpsichord extends beyond Australia.

The concert COCK CROW : ROSEMARY DOBSON IN WORDS AND MUSIC took place last Sunday afternoon at the Mosman Art Gallery, Art Gallery Way, Mosman.