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Jeremy's Pick-- I haven't heard or seen a Viol da Gamba since college (music performance major), and I forgot how beautiful they are. Thanks Shaun Ng!

Thanks to Tim Wang, who uploaded our jam session online, I managed to find a great new service to upload tracks for our enjoyment. To my surprise, after uploading a Telemann movement a few days ago, I became "Jeremy's Pick!" (I think Jeremy owns and/or runs bMuze) Thanks very much Jeremy. Here's another for you and the rest of the world.

This piece by Abel is probably a world premiere recording! I have never heard it recorded by any viola da gamba player ever. I am not sure if this piecee has ever been published in a modern edition. A few years ago, when I went to New York with my father for holiday, I stopped by at the New York Public Library and made copies of the manuscript (New York Public Library, Drexel 5871). It's a little bit of a strange piece. Called Vivace, it doesn't feel to have a fast or lively character. There are very many crosses in the music, made probably by someone attempting to spot "mistakes" in the music. I am not sure if I got it right myself, but I quite like the music. How does it sound to you?
Title: Vivace
Artist: Shaun Ng